It is never too late to begin planning for your retirement years. While flipping through the yacht catalog and envisioning sightseeing trips can certainly be part of this process, you will also want to spend some time preparing your finances. Ensuring an adequate income after you stop working is a matter of setting goals and then formulating a plan that will allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you have chosen.


The fate of Social Security and other government income plans is likely to undergo several changes during your later years. Increasing health care costs, longer life expectancies and swings in the financial markets can each have a lasting impact on your nest egg. Many savvy savers don’t include government benefits when calculating their needed income for their later years. Others use a reduced figure to buffer their overall statistics and ensure they have enough.


Retirement planning is as individual as the people who undertake it, and there are a variety of methods available for saving, investing and increasing your post work income. Did you know that a reverse mortgage doesn’t need to be repaid until you move or pass away? By utilizing your home equity, you can enjoy the benefits of a higher discretionary income and a comfortable lifestyle all in your own home.


No matter your age or stage of life, Retirement Funding Solutions can help you set and achieve your goals. The best time to begin saving, investing and planning is always today. The sooner you start, the more time your interest has to compound, adding valuable dollars to your stash. Call today at 831-423-2900 and let us help you find solutions in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Campbell.