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There are a number of alternative retirement planning solutions. A Reverse Mortgage has proven to be a valuable part of your retirement planning. If you live in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose or really anywhere in the United States, then we at Retirement Funding Solutions can help you with a reverse mortgage. Cashing in on the equity of your home, these loans can open up several options. We have found that some of the best uses of a reverse mortgage include:
  • Delaying Social Security
  • Gaining more time for asset growth
  • Abolishing mortgage payments
  • Securing a line of credit
  • Increasing cash flow in a down market
Whatever suits your lifestyle, we can help you with financial planning to create a reliable and safe means of income for the remainder of your life.
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When you know the value of mortgages available to you and the payment options, you are better equipped to organize all of your finances. Loans can be paid out in lump sums, lines of credit or monthly installments. You can use this to pay regular bills, overcome financial crises or just supplement your income. The simple act of removing your monthly mortgage payments goes a long way to improving the stability of your cash flow. The borrower must occupy a home as a primary residence and is responsible for payment of property taxes, homeowner's insurance, the costs of home maintenance and any HOA fees. Dan can help you look at the long run to make sure you optimize your choices.
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Financial planning can be intimidating. We want to help. Our experts in Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, and Campbell are available. With a quick call to 831-423-2900, we can discuss your options, set up an appraisal and help you determine the right HECM for purchase. Let us bring you peace of mind with a stable solution to last you the rest of your days without burdening your progeny.