Read Dan Casagrande's Client Testimonials

“Hi, I am Bennett from Rio Del Mar, I had nowhere to turn and it looked like I was going to lose my house and because of Dan I didn't and it was amazing. I just didn't know how we could do it, but he did, we did, and he never minded when I called, ever.”
- Bennett
“My name is Gene, I live in San Jose. Dan is a very nice individual. No pressure and answered all my questions and gave me plenty of time to think about it and I'm real satisfied with it. I only wish the other people, especially older people that they would get the right answers. I'm sure will find out this is a very, very good way to go.”
“This is Harry from the Monterey Bay Area. I spent quite a bit of time researching reverse mortgages and contacted a number of reverse mortgage providers. Dan Casagrande was the one we wanted to work with. He was knowledgeable, a good communicator and able to explain it all to us. Professional, honest, personable. I really do recommend highly Dan.”
- Harry
“I'm Mari from Aptos. Were really enjoying it. It's nice not to pay the mortgage. Mr. Casagrande was very good at explaining the whole thing. Were quite happy with it. There's a lot of doctor bills. It's tough to stay in our home, which we really want to do. We love our home. “
- Mari
“I'm Patricia, Sherman Oaks, CA. He was awesome from the very beginning and even now if I have any issues or questions he's always available. He always calls me back. He's a complete pro in every way. He got me a wonderful reverse mortgage which really saved my home financial situation. And he's a very good human being. You can't get any better, that's what I say about Dan Casagrande.”
- Patricia
“I am Scott and I live in Scotts Valley. I'm actually a mathematician so I have a very good idea about numbers involved but the whole process was something I really didn't understand and Dan was the one that sort of sorted that out for me. “
- Scott
“Hi I'm Susan and I'm from Santa Cruz, Dan Casagrande sold me the reverse mortgage. Its allowed me to have extra money to go on vacation and for special projects that I needed them for. I'm just been delighted with this.”
- Susan
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